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October 24, 2022

“Sen’s Day” is closing down

Editorial, 24 November, 2022. –

I’ve decided to end updates on this Bahai news blog, for personal reasons.

As Iran moves into a new era, the triangle of relations between the regime, the population and the Bahai community is shifting. It seems likely that anti-Bahaism is a spent force in regime polemics, and that the regime will shift primarily to repression by brute force, and to blaming “the west,” modernism, globalism and the like. Bahai rights will be one of the demands of the people, along with women’s rights, addressing the complaints of cultural groups, democracy and the separation of church and state.

As for the era that is ending, I recommend Chapter six in Meir Litvak’s 2001 book, Know Thy Enemy. This includes a good summary of how anti-Bahaism has been used in Iranian Islamism, even before the 1979 Revolution, to provide an internal “other.” Professor Litvak is not the first in this field: footnotes list the many previous works. The chapter surveys the themes employed by a number of anti-Bahai writers and propaganda sources, highlighting the different emphases of each source, and some contradictions. It also includes a quick survey of some of the Iranian intellectuals who have stood up for the civil rights of Bahais in Iran.


September 3, 2022

25 Bahais sentenced to prison in Shiraz

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HRANA, August 31, 2022. –

The Provincial Review Court for Shiraz has sentenced 25 Bahais there to prison terms. It handed down 5-year sentences to Yekta Fahandezh-Sa`adi (یکتا فهندژ سعدی), Laala Saalehi (لالا صالحی), Bahaareh Nowruzi (بهاره نوروزی), Rezvan Yazdani (رضوان یزدانی) and Mozhgaan Gholaampour (مژگان غلامپور).Their passports are revoked for two years — presumably after the completion of their sentences — during which time they are required to report daily to the Provincial office of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Five-year sentences and a two-year passport confiscation were also given to Nabil Tahdhib (نبیل تهذیب), Sahba Maslahi (صهبا مصلحی), Behnaam Azizpour (بهنام عزیزپور), Esma`il Rusta (اسماعیل روستا), Ramin Shirvaani (رامین شیروانی) and Sa`id Hassani (سعید حسنی). These five were also sentenced to internal exile in other provinces: Mr. Tahdhib to Izeh, in Khuzestan Province, Sahba Maslahi to Ferdows in South Khuzestan, Behnaam Azizpour to Dehdasht, Esma`il Rusta to Baft in Yazd Province, Ramin Shirvaani to Bagh-e Malek in Khuzestan, and Sa`id Hassani in Lordegan, in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, where they would be required to report daily to the Ministry of Intelligence.

Two-year sentences with two years’ passport confiscation and daily reporting for two years were given to Shadi Sadeq-Eqdam Sisan (سیسان شادی صادق اقدم), Parisa Rouhi-zaadegaan (پریسا روحی زادگان), Marjaan Gholampour (مرجان غلامپور), Ahdiyyeh Enayati (عهدیه عنایتی), Thamareh Ashnaa’i(ثمره آشنایی), Nasim Kaashaani-nezhad (نسیم کاشانی نژاد), Shamim Ekhlaqi (شمیم اخـلاقی), and Noushin Zanhari (نوشین زنهاری).

Another six Bahais were given the same two-year sentence plus internal exile. They are Mahyar Sefidi-Miandoab (مهیار سفیدی میانـدوآب), exiled to Lamerd in Fars Province; Varqa Kaviani (ورقا کاویانی), exiled to Kashmar in Khorasan; Sohba Farahbakhsh (صهبا فرحبخش), exiled to Semiram, Farzad Shaadmaan (فرزاد شادمان), exiled to Minab in Hormozgan; Farbod Shaadmaan (فربد شادمان), exiled to Firuzabad in Fars Province, and Soroush Eqaani Saghaadi (سـروش ایقانی صـغادی), exiled to Mehriz in Yazd Province.

Maryam Eslaami-Mahdiaabaadi (مریم اسلامی مهدی آبادی), mentioned in the judgement of the Revolutionary Court, does not appear in the sentence of the Review Court.

The accusations against these Bahais were along the lines of “holding meetings for preaching and education that Muslims attended, and promoting Bahai beliefs.” The ruling said that the activities of these Bahais were “entirely organizational and for the proclamation of beliefs, and in line with the goals and documents of the House of Justice based in Israel, and do not fall under the [presumably exempt] heading of the personal (practice of religion) or having Bahai parents.” The court rejected the defendants’ defenses that their activities were not political, referring to Ayatollah Khomeini’s opinion that Bahais are “members of a political party.” Sahba Maslahi presented a statement for the Bahais, detailing the forced nature of their “confessions,” and the torture and religious and sexual insults they were subjected to. Mr. Maslahi himself was tortured for 75 days. He suffered blows to his stomach, a fractured femur and a dislocated jaw.

September 2, 2022

Fourteen young Baha’is arrested in Qaemshahr

Iran Wire, September 2022. –

During the afternoon of 31 August, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in Mazandaran province raided the home of a Bahai, Mojir Samimi, in Qaemshahr, and arrested eleven young Bahais from Qaemshahr, Sari and Babolsar during a religious study meeting. The Bahais were reading prayers and religious books.

Officers also arrested Afnaneh Nematian, Mojir’s mother, and transferred all twelve people to the Sari Intelligence Department.

“Officers went to the house of one of the detainees, named Bita Haqiqi, and searched this house without showing the warrant,” an informed source told IranWire. “And another group of security agents stormed the home of two other Bahais in Qaemshahr, Golban Fallah and Sanaz Hekmat Shaar, and searched their homes, without showing a warrant, and confiscated books and works related to the Bahai faith. Both of them were also arrested.”

The informed person further said that, after following up, families of the detainees found out that all fourteen were transferred to the detention center of the Sari Intelligence Department. Two of the families managed to meet with one of the people responsible for their children’s detention. The officer told them that if their children cooperated, they would be released, but that if they did not then they would continue to be detained.

The names of the fourteen arrested Bahais are Afnaneh Nematian, Mojir Samimi, Samia Qolinejad, Basir Samimi, Mehsa Fathi, Negar Darabi, Hengeme Alipour, Mani Qolinejad, Nazanin Goli, Sam Samimi, Sanaz Hikmat Shaar, Bita Haghighi and Anis Sanai.
افنانه نعمتیان- مجیر صمیمی- سامیه قلی نژاد- بصیر صمیمی- مهسا فتحی- نگار دارابی- هنگامه علیپور- مانی قلی نژاد- نازنین گلی- سام صمیمی- ساناز حکمت شعار- بیتا حقیقی- انیس سنایی- گلبن فلاح

August 27, 2022

Bahiyyeh Manavipour bailed in Shiraz

HRANA, August 2022. –

Bahiyyeh Manavipour (بهیه معنوی‌پور) has been released on bail. She is one of five young Bahais arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on July 19. They were taken to the Ministry of Intelligence’s “Facility 100” for interrogation. Their homes were searched at the time of their arrest. The charges against her are not yet known.

August 18, 2022

60 Bahai students barred this year

HRANA, August 17, 2022. –

The “roll call” of Bahai students who have been barred from entering tertiary education after sitting this year’s university entrance examination has now reached 60. See the HRANA site for their names and the cities and regions they come from.

August 14, 2022

Home raid in Qazvin

HRANA, August 12, 2022.

On August 9, security agents raided the home of Gulriz Nouraani (گلریز نورانی) and Mehrzaad Zahraa’i (مهرزاد زهرایی), a Bahai couple living in Qazvin. They seized digital devices, books and works related to the Bahai Faith, a gold ring with religious motifs, and some of their personal pictures. Mr. Zahraa’i was not home, and the agents did not not have a female officer with them.

More Bahai students barred than in previous years

HRANA, August 13, 2022. –

Thus far, 53 Bahai students in Iran are known to have been barred from tertiary education after sitting this year’s University Entrance examination. Last year, 18 excluded Bahai students were identified, and the year before that it was 21.

August 12, 2022

Mithaaq Manavipour bailed in Shiraz

HRANA, August 11, 2022. –

Mithaaq Manavipour (میثاق معنوی‌پور), who was arrested on July 19, has been released on bail from the Ministry of Intelligence’s “Facility 100” in Shiraz.

Behnaam Momtaazi bailed in Qazvin

HRANA, August 11, 2022. –

Behnaam Momtaazi (بهنام ممتازی), a Bahai from Qazvin, was released on bail on August 11. He was arrested on July 31, but his arrest was not previously reported on Sen’s Daily. Bail was set at 250 million tumans ($US 59,000 ; 57,000 euros).

Hanaan Haashemi pressured for a “confession”

HRANA (EN), August 11, 2022. –

Hanaan Haashemi (حنان هاشمی), who was arrested in Shiraz on July 19 and is held by the Ministry of Intelligence, has informed her family in a telephone call that she is under pressure from interrogators to make a forced confession. It is not known what she is supposed to confess to, or why she was arrested, apart from her Bahai beliefs. Interrogators have told her that her release from prison will only happen if she makes a confession as they instruct.

On July 19, 2022, security forces arrested her with four other Bahais: Nilufar Hosseini (نیلوفر حسینی), Bahiyyeh Manavipour (بهیه معنوی‌پور), Mithaaq Manavipour (میثاق معنوی‌پور) and Elhan Haashemi (الحان هاشمی). Nilufar Hosseini and Elhan Haashemi have been released on bail.

August 11, 2022

46 Bahai students known to be barred from university this year

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HRANA, August 10, 2022. –

As of today, 46 Bahai students who participated in the national University Entrance examinations this year have been barred from tertiary education using pretexts such as “incomplete file” on their academic records. Their names are:
سما میثاقیان ساکن رفسنجان
آرشام نیری ساکن کرمان
نشاط عبدلی ساکن اصفهان
کوروش کریمی نژاد، ارشیا پروین، آریا مصلح، روژین عاطفی، عهدیه نامجویان، تارا روزبهان و دیبا بهشاد ساکن اصفهان
شیوا امین ساکن شاهین شهر
مهسا فروهری، هانا موفقی و هیوا بدیعی ساکن کرج،
بهزاد براتی ساکن مشهد
آوا مشکین نفس، فارس حمدی حصاری، ملیکا ملّاکی ساکن بیرجند
بابک یکانی، عطاییه همتی و ژینوس همتی ساکن کرمان
پارسا روحانی و ساغر شهیدی ساکن کاشان
شمیم ایدلخانی و نسیم ایدلخانی ساکن اردبیل
مستعان اقدسی، منا امینی، هونام اسماعیلی، جمشید نورانی و همایون اسماعیلی ساکن تهران
ثمین شهریاری، ساکن کرج
شیدا ایشانی و نورا میرزائی ساکن فردیس کرج و کرمان
فروتن رحمانی، رها بارقی، بشیر نعیمی و رکسانا بابائیان ساکن شهرهای کرج، چابهار، کرمان و میاندوآب
شمیم خاکزاد در تهران
فائز مقدم در ارومیه
نوا ترابی در کرج
تارا بهبهانی و لوا حقیقی در فردیس کرج
بدیع روحانی، مهتا مغربین، رها گلشنی و پرند حسن زاده از اصفهان

Haamed Farqaani Naamaqi summoned in Karaj

HRANA, August 9, 2022. –

Haamed Farqaani Naamaqi (حامد فرقانی نامقی), a Bahai living in Karaj, received a telephone call on August 9, summoning him to appear at the offices of the Ministry of Intelligence today, August 10, at 8:00 am. I do not yet have an update on that.

August 10, 2022

Nilufar Hosseini and Elhan Haashemi bailed in Shiraz

HRANA, August 9, 2022. –

In the past few days, Nilufar Hosseini (نیلوفر حسینی) and Elhan Haashemi (الحان هاشمی) were released on bail in Shiraz. Bail has been approved for Mithaaq Manavipour (میثاق معنوی‌پور), but he has not yet been released. Hanaan Haashemi (حنان هاشمی) and Bahiyyeh Manavipour (بهیه معنوی‌پور), remain in prison. These five young Bahais were arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on July 19, and taken to the Ministry’s “Facility 100” for interrogation. Their homes were searched at the time of their arrest.

August 7, 2022

This year, 17 Bahai students barred from university so far

HRANA, August 6, 2022. –

Once again, Bahai students in Iran who have completed the national University Entrance examination are finding that, instead of receiving grades, they are informed that their “file is incomplete.” HRANA has thus far identified 17 Bahai students excluded because of their religion. They are Musta’aan ​​Aqdasi (مستعان اقدسی), in Tehran; `Ahadiyeh Namjouyaan (عهدیه نامجویان) and Taara Rouzbahaan (تارا روزبهان), mother and daughter living in Isfahan; Shiva Amin (شیوا امین) in Shahin Shahr; Mahsa Forouhari (مهسا فروهری), Haana Movafaqi (هانا موفقی) and Hiva Badi`i (هیوا بدیعی) in Karaj; Behzaad Baraati (بهزاد براتی) in Mashhad; Faares Hamdi Hessaari (فارس حمدی حصاری) and Melika Mallaaki (ملیکا ملّاکی) in Birjand; Baabak Yekaani (بابک یکانی), `Ataaiyeh Hemmati (عطاییه همتی) and Dzinous Hemmati ( ژینوس همتی) in Kerman; Parsa Rouhaani (پارسا روحانی) and Saagher Shahidi (ساغر شهیدی) in Kashan; and Shamim Idelkhaani (شمیم ایدلخانی) and Nasim Idelkhaani (نسیم ایدلخانی), residents of Ardabil.

The pretext of “incomplete file” has been used to exclude Bahais from entering tertiary education in Iran since 2006. Before that, other excuses were used.

August 3, 2022

Bahai homes demolished in Roushankouh

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Bahai News Service, August 2, 2022. –

As amny as 200 Iranian government and local agents have sealed off the village of Roushankouh, in Mazandaran province, where a large number of Bahais live, and are using heavy earthmoving equipment to demolish their homes.

Roads into and out of the village have been blocked.
Anyone who tried to challenge the agents was arrested and handcuffed.
Agents have confiscated the mobile devices of those present and prohibited filming.
Neighbors have been warned to stay in their homes and barred from filming or photographing.
Four homes that were under construction have already been destroyed.
The authorities are installing robust metal fences to restrict access of the Bahais to their own homes.

The Bahais in Roushankouh have been targeted many times in the past with land confiscations and home demolitions. But this move follows weeks of intensifying persecution of the Bahais: over 100 have been either raided or arrested in recent weeks, in cities across Iran.

August 2, 2022

Reuters: Iran arrests Bahais, accuses them of Israel links

Reuters, August 1, 2022. –

Iran’s intelligence ministry said on Monday it had arrested a number of adherents of the banned Bahai Faith for links to a centre in Israel, and for proselytising in schools and kindergartens. The statement, carried by state media, did not say how many people were arrested or when the arrests were made. It said the detainees “had been carrying out extensive propaganda missions to propagate Bahai teachings” and to “infiltrate various levels of the educational sector across the country, especially kindergartens.”

Full story here

August 1, 2022

Saha Thaabeti arrested in Sari, Bahai homes across Iran raided

HRANA, July 31, 2022. –

On July 31, the home of Saha Thaabeti-Rahmaani (سها ثابتی (رحمانی)) in Sari was raided by security agents, who seized some personal effects including her cell phone, and arrested her. It is not known where she is being detained. Other Bahai homes in Sari, belonging to Saanaaz `Alizaadeh (ساناز علیزاده), Thoraya Monuchehr-zaadeh-Mithaaqi (ثریا منوچهرزاده (میثاقی)) and Navid Mithaaqi (نوید میثاقی) were also raided. In Gonbad-e Kavus, the homes of Aazaadeh Yakini (آزاده یقینی) and Afsaaneh Tashakor (افسانه تشکر) were raided, and in Maahshahr, the home of Afnaaneh Ansaari (افنانه انصاری) was raided, and she was detained for a few hours. In Shiraz, the homes of Ehsaan Jaabri (احسان جابری) and Behaar Bengaleh (بهار بنگاله) were raided, and in Mashhad, the home of Farideh Hedaayati (فریده هدایتی). In Karaj, the home of Bita Mumtaazi-Saraaf (بیتا ممتازی (صراف)) and Puya Mumtaazi-Saraaf (پویا ممتازی (صراف)) was raided, and in Gorgan the homes of Shafaq Fahandezh (شفق فهندژ), Shakib Modi-Masumi (شکیب مودی (معصومی)), Afsun Modi-Masumi (افسون مودی (معصومی)), Shaqayeq Pourenayati (شقایق پورعنایتی) and Neda Taa`ifi (ندا طائفی) were raided.

Two more home raids in Tehran, one more in Karaj

HRANA, July 31, 2022. –

The homes and work places of brother and sister Nima Haqaar (نیما حقار) and Nazila Haqaar (نازیلا حقار) in Tehran, and the home of Saabin Yazdaani (سابین یزدانی) in Karaj were raided by security agents on July 31. During the search of Ms. Yazdaani’s house, the agents seized all her digital devices and those of her family members. The agents also searched the work place of Nima and Nazila Haqaar.

Two homes raided in Mashhad, one in Shiraz

HRANA, July 31, 2022. –

On July 31, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence raided the homes of Shaadi Khaaseh-zadeh (شادی خاصه زاد) and Hediyeh Ghiyabi (هدیه غیابی) in Mashhad, and the home of Raaheleh Kashaani (راحله کشانی) in Shiraz. Some personal effects and family belongings were seized. The agents in Mashhad had a search warrant. Mrs Khaaseh-zadeh was not at home at the time: her husband was told that she should report to the Ministry of Intelligence when she returns. The agents who searched Mrs. Kashani’s house seized personal effects and religious books, and said that she was not arrested because of her poor health. She has recently had surgery.

Mahvash Sabet and Fariba Kamaalabadi re-arrested in Tehran

HRANA, July 31, 2022. –

Mahvash Sabet (مهوش ثابت) and Fariba Kamaalabaadi (فریبا کمال آبادی) were re-arrested in their homes in Tehran on July 31. They were among the seven Yaran (national facilitators for the Bahai community in Iran) who served 10-year sentences, following arrests in March 2008.

The seven ‘Yaran’ served as national facilitators assisting the Bahais of Iran in their dealings with government organs until their arrest and imprisonment. They were appointed following the disappearance and execution of the elected leadership of the Bahais in Iran in 1980, and again in 1981. The elected leaders in many cities were also executed at that time, notably in Tehran, Tabriz, Yazd and Hamadan, where a total of 33 members of the local Bahai “Assemblies” were executed, in addition to the 18 members of two successive national “Assemblies” and two appointed “assistants.” In August 1983, the government declared the elected assemblies illegal. In accordance with the principle of obedience to government, the Bahais then dissolved all elected bodies. Nevertheless, seven former members of the national Assembly were arrested and executed.

National and local facilitators were later appointed, principally because government bodies needed to have a Bahai representative to discuss necessary matters and to transmit government instructions to the Bahais, which were not publicised in the media. One of the most important tasks of the facilitators was to arrange for Bahai burials, as Bahais are often barred from burial in public cemeteries, and Bahai practice requires a coffin, which is not allowed in many public cemeteries in Iran.

On 5 March 2008, Mrs. Mahvash Sabet – a schoolteacher and mother of two – was arrested having been summoned to the Iranian city of Mashhad to discuss some matters regarding a Bahai burial. Two months later, on 14 May, the other six Yaran were arrested in raids of their homes. Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi was one of these, the others being Jamaloddin Khanjani (جمال الدین خانجانی), Afif Na`imi (عفیف نعیمی), who was re-arrested today in Karaj, Sa`id Reza’i (سعید رضایی), Behrouz Tavakkoli (بهروز توکلی), and Vahid Tizfahm (وحید تیزفهم).

After twenty months in prison without charge, a trial began on January 12, 2010, under Judge Moqayesseh (قاضی مقیسه, also spelled محمد مقیسه‌ای). Throughout their long wait for justice, the seven had received barely one hour’s access to their legal counsel, and suffered appalling treatment and deprivations, including psychological and physical hardship. They were charged with spying for Israel, propaganda against the Islamic Republic, and the establishment of an illegal administration – charges that were all rejected completely and categorically by the defendants. According to the defence lawyer, the charge of spying for Israel was based only on the fact that the Bahai properties in Israel are tax exempt. However Bahai properties are tax exempt in almost every country, and Islamic holy sites in Israel are also tax exempt! The trial of the seven accused ended on 14 June 2010 after six brief sessions, characterized by a lack of due legal process.

The initial sentence of 20 years imprisonment for each of the defendants met with outrage and condemnation throughout the world. One month later, the appeal court revoked three of the charges, including that of spying for Israel, and reduced their sentence to 10-year jail terms. In March 2011, the prisoners were informed that their original 20-year sentences were reinstated. In November, 2015, the 20-year sentences were again reduced to ten years. Despite repeated requests, neither the prisoners nor their attorneys have ever received official copies of the original verdict or the ruling on appeal.

`Afif Na’imi and Saamaan Ostavaar arrested in Karaj

HRANA, 31 July 2022. –

Following on today’s previous report from Karaj, that the homes of Kaamyaar Habibi (کامیار حبیبی), Saamaan Ostovaar (سامان استوار) and Mozaffar Nabili (مظفر نبیلی) were raided, HRANA now reports that `Afif Na’imi (عفیف نعیمی) and Saamaan Ostavaar were arrested, and that the homes of Nasir Heravi (نصیر هروی) and Saara Sha’baan (سارا شعبان) were raided and and some of their personal effects, including mobile phones, electronic devices, and printed material relating to the Bahai Faith were seized. Correcting the earlier report, it appears that only one workplace was searched and sealed: that of Kaamyaar Habibi. The home of `Afif Na’imi was raided in November 2020. In December 2018 he was released at the end of a ten-year prison sentence for his Bahai beliefs. He was the last of the seven Yaran (national facilitators for the Bahai community in Iran) to be released, although they all had 10-year sentences, because during his sentence he was granted two medical furloughs of several months, and had several periods of hospitalisation. He suffers serious heart problems, blood clots, lymph node problems and acute swelling of the throat.

July 31, 2022

Three Bahai homes and businesses raided in Karaj

HRANA, July 31, 2022. –
Security forces in Karaj raided the homes and business premises of Kaamyaar Habibi (کامیار حبیبی), Saamaan Ostovaar (سامان استوار) and Mozaffar Nabili (مظفر نبیلی) on July 31. The agents confiscated some of their personal effects, including mobile phones, electronic devices, and printed materials relating to the Bahai Faith. Kaamyaar Habibi and Saamaan Ostovaar are musicians.

A Bahai named Saamaan Ostovaar was arrested in Kerman in 2011 and later charged with teaching the Bahai Faith through humanitarian activities (relating to the earthquake in Bam). However both names are relatively common in Iran.

Older items can be found in the archive, here. Even older news is here.


Three detained Baha’is bailed in Shiraz, five other detainees named

Iran Wire (English), July 27, 2022. –

Zhila Sharfi-Nasr-aabaadi (ژیلا شرفی نصرآبادی), Shaqaayeq Khaaneh-zaarin (شقایق خانه زرین) and Negaar Eqaani (نگار ایقانی), three young Bahai women arrested in Shiraz on June 26, have been released after 31 days of temporary detention after posting bail of 800 million tumans each (185,000 euros). They were held at the Shiraz Intelligence Office detention center before being moved to Adel-Abad Prison where they developed Covid.

Five young Bahai detainees remaining in Shiraz detention centre are named in this report: Nilufar Hosseini (نیلوفر حسینی), Bahiyyeh Manavipour (بهیه معنوی‌پور), Mithaaq Manavipour (میثاق معنوی‌پور), Elhan Haashemi (الحان هاشمی) and Hanaan Haashemi (حنان هاشمی). Their arrest was not previously reported on Sen’s Daily. They were arrested on July 19, and their homes were searched.

July 21, 2022

Three arrests in Yazd

HRANA, July 19, 2022. –

Nemat’ullah Shaadepour (نعمت الله شادپور), Nima Shaadepour (نیما شادپور) and Shafiq Eslami (شفیق اسلامی), Bahais living in Yazd, were summoned to a judicial office and arrested on July 19. Their home and business were then searched, and some of their personal effects were seized. It is not known where they are being detained.

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July 19, 2022

Haaleh Gholaami begins 2-year sentence in Evin Prison

HRANA, July 18, 2022. –

Haaleh Gholaami (هاله غلامی), a Bahai from Tehran, began her 2-year prison sentence on July 16. She was arrested on January 27, 2017, and freed on bail on March 6. She was arrested because of her activism in child protection matters, such as the care of orphans, and for participating in a charity working to suppress child labour. However the evidence against her included her membership of the Bahai Faith. At the time of her arrest her home was searched by security agents who confiscated her mobile phones and tablets. Following a trial in a Revolutionary Court on January 13, 2021, she was sentenced to two years, and this was confirmed by the Provincial Review Court.

Older items can be found in the archive, here. Even older news is here.

July 16, 2022

Three arrested in two home raids in Bojnurd

HRANA, July 14, 2021. –

Sho`leh Shahidi (شعله شهیدی) and her children Faaraan Sanaa`i (فاران ثنایی) and Shaayaan Sanaa`i (شایان ثنایی) were arrested when their home in Bojnurd was raided by security agents on July 13. The agents seized their religious books, laptops, and mobile phones. Another Bahai home in Bojnurd was also raided. There is no indication of which security agency made the arrests, where the family are being detained, or what the charges may be. In 2012, Houshmand Sana’i ( هوشمند ثنایی ) and Mrs Shahidi and their son Shaayaan were arrested and detained for a time by the Ministry of Intelligence in Bojnurd, and in June 2013 the family’s shop, selling health and beauty products, was shut by local body officials, on instructions from the Ministry of Intelligence.

June 30, 2022

Fardin Qamsari begins a 1-year sentence in Tehran

HRANA, June 19, 2022. –

On June 18, Fardin Nadaafeyaan Qamsari (فردین ندافیان قمصری) was summoned to Evin Prison in Tehran to begin a one-year sentence. His arrest, in October 2019, and sentencing were not previously reported on Sen’s Daily. In October 2019, a Revolutionary Court headed by a notorious abuser of human rights, Judge Moqayeseh ( قاضی محمد مقیسه who was also responsible for the sentencing of the seven ‘Yaran’ (national facilitators for the Bahais in Iran) to long prison terms), sentenced him to one year in prison, with a deduction for days he was detained before the trial. This sentence was confirmed by the Provincial Review Court. He was charged with making images and sculptures relating to the Bahai Faith, and holding Bahai meetings.

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Three Bahais detained in Shiraz

HRANA, June 29, 2022. –

Zhila Sharfi-Nasr-aabaadi (ژیلا شرفی نصرآبادی), Shaqaayeq Haaneh-zaarin (شقایق خانه زرین) and Negaar Eqaani (نگار ایقانی) were arrested in Shiraz on June 26, and are still being detained. They were allowed a brief contact with their families, during which they said they were being detained at the Ministry of Intelligence “Facility 100” i.e., for interrogation. At the time of their arrest, their homes were searched by security agents and some personal effects, including electronic devices, were seized. Ms. Zaarin’s father suffered a heart attack during the house search, and has been hospitalized in Shiraz. Ms. Eqaani was barred from tertiary study three years ago, when her results from the Entrance Examination were disallowed on the pretext of “file incomplete.”

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June 25, 2022

Haayedeh Raam begins prison term in Shiraz

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HRANA, June 19, 2022. –

On June 17, Haayedeh Raam (هایده رام) was taken to Adelabaad Prison in Shiraz to begin serving his ten-year sentence. He is charged with “acting against the security of the country by publishing and propagating the thoughts of the Baha’i sect.” Various personal effects relating to the Bahai religion were also ordered confiscated. Five of his fellow-defendants in this case have also been summoned and are expected to begin their sentences soon.

In May, 2021, a Revolutionary Court in Borazjan, the chief city of Dashtestan county, Bushehr Province, handed down 10-year sentences to Mr. Raam, along with Borhan Ismaa`ili (برهان اسماعیلی), Maryam Bashir (مریم بشیر), Faraanak Shaykhi (فرانک شیخی), Minu Bashir (مینو بشیر) and Darna Ismaa`ili (درنا اسماعیلی). The court findings cited the accused’s involvement with child education and membership of the counter-revolutionary web site, Facebook.

June 16, 2022

Samin Ehsani begins 5-year sentence in Tehran

HRANA, June 15, 2022. –

Samin Ehsani ( ثمین احسانی ), a Bahai activist for children’s rights, was arrested on June 15 and taken to Evin Prison in Tehran to serve a 5-year sentence. Her sentence was announced on July 2, 2011 [sic] and was reported on this blog, but it has not been implemented in the past eleven years. She engaged in teaching and assisting Afghan children who had been excluded from education. She was charged with propaganda against the regime, acts against national security, and membership of the Bahai community.

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