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August 3, 2012

One new arrest in Yazd, further information on the recent arrestees

HRANA, August 3

Following the recent arrests of 10 Bahais in Isfahan and Yazd, Shahin Shahr, their detentions have been extended, and more Bahais have been arrested. Mrs. Tahereh Reza’i ( طاهره رضایی ), who was arrested in Shahin Shahr, Khosro Dehqani (خسرو دهقانی ) who was arrested in Vila Shahr, and Noghmeh Farabi ( نغمه فارابی ), a resident of Najafabad, have been transferred to Isfahan prison. It was previously reported that Vida Parvani ( ویدا پروینی ) had been arrested in Vila Shahr. According to the latest report, security agents raided her home, seizing a computer and some religious books. Later Vida Parvani received a summons by telephone, but since this is not officially valid, she has not responded. The arrest of Mr. Navid Haqiqi ( جناب نوید حقیقی ) in Arak has been confirmed. Security agents raided his home and seized religious books and images. He is being held in a detention facility in Arak province.

In addition, security agents raided the home of Shahram Falah ( شهرام فلاح ) in Kerman, seizing a computer and mobile phone, religious books and images and, as they were leaving, told his wife that Shahram had been arrested in Yazd.

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