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November 22, 2018

Business reclosed in Abadan

Iran Press Watch, November 18, 2018. –

On November 5th, the business of two Bahais in Abadan, Aaraam Aazaadi ( آرام آزادی) and Aarmaan Aazaadi (آرمان آزادی), was shut down and sealed by order of Judiciary Authorities, for the second time this year. This action coincides with important Bahai religious holidays, on which, based on their religious beliefs, Bahais close their place of business. Earlier this year, the business of these two Bahais was sealed for 15 days. A source close to the brothers told HRANA: “These citizens have been running this store for the last 38 years. Intelligence and Security officers seized their place of business and revoked their business license using unsubstantiated excuses.”

Based on their religious beliefs, Bahais close their businesses on their religious holidays. The authorities often close and seal their businesses in response. This contradicts the explicit legal and civil right of individuals to practice their religious beliefs and manage their own businesses as they see fit. Article B, paragraph 28, of the Iranian economic sectors law states that owners of businesses may close their units without prior notice to the sector authority for up to 15 days a year.

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November 20, 2018

Six Bahai-run businesses closed in Khorramshahr

Iran Press Watch, November 19. 2018. –

By the close of business on Thursday, November 15, 2018, the businesses of at least six Baha’i citizens of Khorramshahr were also sealed by the order of the judicial authorities. The business owners are identified by HRANA as the optician’s shops of Behrouz Habibi (بهروز حبیبی), Hossein-Ali Habibi (حسینعلی حبیبی), Behnaam Habibi (بهنام حبیبی) and Bahaador Ahmadi (بهادر احمدی); the sewing machine shop of Kaambiz Aazaadi (کامبیز آزادی), and the engine repair shop of Kouroush Jaaberi (کوروش جابری). This is in addition to the ten closures in Ahwaz that were previously reported. The sealing of businesses was ordered in response to the owners having closed their businesses for a day in observance of a Bahai holy day. By law, as cited in Item B of Article 28 of the Commercial Union Law, citizens are allowed to close their business up to 15 days a year without providing authorities any reason or informing the Union. However, this law is not extended to Bahai citizens and authorities routinely penalize Bahai business owners for observance of their Holy Days by sealing their businesses.

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July 15, 2018

Business closed and one arrest in Abadan

Shahrvandyar (Facebook), July 14, 2018. =

A sewing machine shop run by two Bahai brothers, Arman and Aram Azadi (آرمان آزادی و آرام آزادی) has been closed by the local authorities because of their Bahai identity and because they closed their business to observe a Bahai Holy Day. Aram Azadi’s wife, Nushin Afshar (نوشین افشار), has been arrested, and the operating licence of the business has been revoked. The brothers have run the shop for the past 38 years. Over the past 5 years, over 500 Bahai-run businesses have been shut down in Iran, in a policy of economic apartheid that also bars Bahais from the civil service and from private employment in many sectors of the economy.

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May 7, 2018

New arrest in Abadan: Neda Sana’i

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Sky Farsi News, May 6, 2018.

Early in the morning of May 6, seven security agents — one of them a woman — arrested Mrs. Neda Sana’i-Azadi (ندا ثابتی -آزادی) at her home in Abadan. The agents searched the family’s home and car thoroughly, and seized all the religious books, a laptop, computer and some story books (the couple have children). As they left, they told her husband, Kambiz Azadi (کامبیز آزادی) to do nothing and have patience. Mrs. Sana’i was taken to the Ministry of Intelligence offices.

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