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July 17, 2012

Ministry enforces the shunning of Bahais in Khuzestan

HRANA, July 17

The information department of the Ministry of Intelligence in Khuzestan Province (on the Persian Gulf, bordering Iraq) has been summoning and threatening families who have contact with Bahais. In one town, the Ministry has summoned about 20 families in the past month, and threatened them, saying that if they continue to have links with Bahais or socialize with them, their economic activities will be blocked, and there will be problems for their children. Officials from the Ministry also told the teacher of a cultural class for children to stop teaching Bahai children, or there would be trouble. In most cases, those who were summoned did not agree to the demands of the Ministry. However in a handful of cases they were frightened and, with apologies to their Bahai friends, have broken the contact. [For reasons that are not clear, HRANA explicitly does not identify this town, which means its report cannot be verified. However I have always found HRANA meticulous and reliable ~ Sen]

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