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September 22, 2021

Kiaana Sho`aai and Soroush Abaadi sentenced in Shiraz

HRANA, September 21, 2021. –

Soroush Abaadi (سروش آبادی) and Kiana Sho`aai (کیانا شعاعی) have been sentenced by a Revolutionary Court in Shiraz to 31 months and 16 days in prison and a 2-year ban on leaving the country. The Judge in that court is Mahmud Saadaati (قاضی محمود ساداتی). The trial was held on September 12. They were charged with “membership in anti-regime groups with the intention of undermining national security.” They were also given a concurrent sentence of 7 months and 16 days in prison on a charge of “propaganda against the regime in cyberspace.” In the case of Mrs. Sho`aai, 30 months of her sentence has been suspended for a period of five years, which probably means that — given the time already in detention — she will not have to go to prison, but will have to report to the Ministry of Intelligence every month for five years. Mrs. Sho`aai was first tried on My 15, 2021, but her case was referred back to the Prosecutor’s Office for revision.

Mr. Abaadi and Mrs. Sho`aai were arrested by Intelligence agents in Shiraz on October 21, 2019, along with Farzaan Ma`sumi ( فرزان معصومی). The agents also searched their homes, along with the homes of a number of other Bahais in Shiraz, and seized personal effects such as computers, mobile phones and laptops. Mrs. Sho`aai was released on bail on November 6, 2020, and Mr Abaadi was bailed on December 1.

Soroush Abadi was initially detained by the Ministry of Intelligence at their ‘Facility 100’ interrogation unit, and then taken to the high-security block at Adelabad prison, and then moved to the prisoner of conscience block on May 5, 2021. was released on bail of 800 million tumans (156,000 euros ; $US 190,000) on May 8 this year.

Farzaan Ma`sumi was sentenced to five years in prison, reduced to two years by the Review Court.

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