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May 15, 2021

Kiaana Sho`aari’s trial begins in Shiraz

HRANA, May 15, 2021. –

The trial of Kiaana Sho`aari (کیانا شعاعی), a Bahai from Shiraz, began today, May 15. She was notified of her impending trial yesterday. At the hearing, at a Revolutionary Court, her case was referred back to the Prosecutor’s Office for revision. On May 5 she was summoned to the court to hear that she would be tried for “forming dissident groups with the intention of disrupting national security, membership of dissident groups with the intention of disrupting security, and propaganda against the regime.”

She was arrested on October 21, 2019, when agents from the Ministry of Intelligence arrested her and two other Bahais in Shiraz : Farzaan Ma`sumi ( فرزان معصومی) and Soroush Abaadi (سروش آبادی). The agents also searched their homes, along with the homes of a number of other Bahais in Shiraz, and seized personal effects such as computers, mobile phones and laptops. She was released on bail about two weeks later.

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