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February 23, 2021

Eight Bahais summoned to prison in Bandar Abbas

HRANA, February 23, 2021. –

A Review Court has confirmed the sentences of eight Bahais from Bandar Abbas who were previously sentenced to jail and re-education, and on February 21 they were summoned to present themselves at prison within ten days. Arash Raasekhi (آرش راسخی), Nasim Qanawaateyaan (نسیم قنواتیان), Maaraal Raasti (مارال راستی), Mahnaaz Jaan-Nethaar (مهناز جان نثار), Omid Afaaqi (امید آفاقی) and Mehrollah Afshaar [previously reported as Ruhollah Afshaar (روح الله افشار)] were sentenced to two years in prison, while Adib Haqq-pazhuh (ادیب حق پژوه) and Farhaad Amri (فرهاد امری) were sentenced to one year in prison. In addition, all eight were given a two-year ban on membership of social and political parties and groups and attending Bahai meetings, and are required to attend five counselling sessions on “sects” under the supervision of the “Sajjadiyyeh” Institute (named after the fourth Imam, aka Zayn al-Abidin). The court also confiscated 30 million tumans in cash, two small pendants, a gold necklace, gold bracelet and gold ring, all with religious motifs, books, photo displays, statues and CDs. The eight were sentenced on December 12, 2020 in Branch Two of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Bandar Abbas, presided over by Judge ‘Ali Balaador (قاضی علی بلادر). They were charged with conspiracy to undermine national security, based on evidence that they had conducted children’s classes and youth classes for Bahai children, and music classes, and had attended a “Ruhi” study circle and collected donations [from Bahais] for the Bahai “Feasts” (community devotionals). On February 2, the Review Court for Hormouzgan Province, consisting of Judge Mash’allah Afshaarpour (قاضی ماشااله افشارپور) and Counsellor Ebraahim Mohammadi (مستشار ابراهیم محمدی), confirmed the sentences. The verdict of the Review Court does not mention any activities against national security, instead referring to the fact that the Bahai Faith [like Buddhism, Hinduism and many other religions] is not recognized in the Constitution of Iran.

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  1. God bless your tireless efforts Sen. When will the persecution ever end?


    A former Prime Minister of Canada and 40 legal figures condemn in writing Iran’s abuse of Baha’is.

    Unprecedented naming and shaming of Iranian judges:

    Persecution of Iran’s Baha’is is a violation of Human Rights and a crime that the International Court of Justice will resolve in due course, Inshallah.

    Regarding the so-called arbiters of justice in Iran: To – HANG THEM AT THE HAGUE – is not ruled out in Baha’i justice!

    Corruption of the legal system, the media, and of education in that most benighted of lands is perchance exceeded in the venality of Iran’s bankers: About five years ago while attending a language conference in Tehran, I witnessed the relatively new phenomenon of corrupt clerics helping themselves, as documented by Reuters among other reputable news agencies. * In Iran, THE LEVEL OF HYPOCRISY ON THE PART OF THE THEOCRACY CONFOUNDS ANY FORM OF DEMOCRACY – for the time being! For example, on entering some big banks, I noticed posters sporting the grinning visage of an embarrassingly wealthy ayatollah wryly welcoming his clueless clients in the name of an Islamic charitable organisation! Only for the time being, Inshallah: Parts 2 & 3 make sad reading.

    * REUTER’S HEADING: “Khamenei controls massive financial empire built on property seizures”

    Comment by Paul Desailly — February 24, 2021 @ 11:05 | Reply

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