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January 23, 2021

Sufeya Mobini’s sentence reduced to five years

HRANA, January 21, 2021. –

In an unusual step, a Revolutionary Court in Tehran has reduced the sentence of Sufeya Mobini (سوفیا مبینی), from ten years to five years. This is not a Review, but the correction of an administrative error within the Revolutionary Court system. Her sentence, and Negin Tadrisi’s (نگین تدریسی) five-year sentence in the same case, will still be considered by the Provincial Review Court, which reviews all the findings of the Revolutionary Courts, and often reduces the sentences. The accused are usually free on bail until the Review Court has spoken. The correction in this case was made by Judge Muhammad-Reza Amouzad (قاضی محمدرضا عموزاد). The initial 10-year sentence, handed down by the notorious Judge Moqayeseh ( قاضی محمد مقیسه ), was based on Article 498 of the Islamic Penal Code, which provides for a maximum of ‘only’ five years’ imprisonment for “acting against national security” [i.e., commemorating a birth that took place 200 years ago ! Mrs Mobini and Tadrisi were arrested by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence in October 2017, during the bicentenary celebration of the Birth of Baha’u’llah, the Prophet Founder of the Bahai Faith.].

The precise charges in this case are “acting against national security by administering the Bahai organisation and promoting its teachings.” In his ruling, Judge Moqayeseh had also accused them of paying the tuition for an Afghani student to attend language classes, of giving counselling regarding behavioural, sexual and economic awareness, and of writing in a personal journal that “the people in this region need education.”

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