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December 9, 2019

Nine Bahais from Baharestan, Isfahan Province, bailed

Campaign for Prisoners of Conscience, December 8, 2019. –

Nine of the ten Bahais arrested in Baharestan, 20km south of Isfahan, on November 29 have been released on bail. At the time of their arrest, there was media speculation that they would be blamed for instigating the fuel price protests, which I thought unlikely. Their quick release on bail confirms that these arrests were just routine harassment. Those released are Shahaab Ferdowsian (شهاب فردوسیان), Nasim Jaberi (نسیم جابری), Mehraanullah Daddi (مهران‌الله دادی), Qodous Lotfi (قدوس لطفی), Shahbaaz Baashi (شهباز باشی), Naasr Lotfi (ناصر لطفی), Saagher Manouchehrzaadeh (ساغر منوچهرزاده), Homa Manouchehrzaadeh (هما منوچهرزاده) and Soroush Azaadi (سروش آزادی). There is no mention in this report of Wahideh Niazmand (وحیده نیازمند).

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