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September 4, 2019

Ru’in Kohansaal and Ruhollah Zibaa’i bailed in Karaj

Mr. Zibaa’i

Campaign for prisoners of conscience, September 2, 2019. –

According to two separate reports, on September 2, Ruhollah Zibaa’i (روح‌الله زیبایی) and Ru’in Kohansaal (روئین کهنسال) were released on bail from Raja’i Shahr prison, in Karaj, where they have been detained for one month. They were arrested in Karaj, on August 3 and 4, respectively, along with Abu-Fadl Ansaari (ابوالفضل انصاری), arrested on August 3. On the same day, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence in Birjand arrested Farid Moqadam-Ziraki (فرید مقدم زیرکی). The Provincial command of the Ministry of Intelligence in South Khorasan Province had previously announced the arrest of an unnamed Bahai in Birjand, who was said to be working to tighten sanctions. Government-sponsored media have also claimed that Mr. Zibaa’i’s arrest was in relation to a scheme to tighten the economic sanctions. He is described as conducting business activities in the Alborz and Southern Khorasan provinces.

Mr. Kohansal

Other reports speak of a number of Bahais and people who have associated with Bahais being summoned for questioning in Alborz Province, but no further details are available at present.

The physical condition of Mr. Zibaa’i and Mr. Ansaari is not good. Mr. Zibaa’i has been released on bail “temporarily” rather than “pending trial,” suggesting that this may be a medical release. Mr. Kohansaal has been bailed pending his trial. It appears that Mr. Ansaari is still being detained. He suffers from a heart condition and has recently had a pacemaker fitted.

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