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August 19, 2018

Six Bahais arrested in Shiraz, three released (updated)

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HRANA, August 17, 2018. –

On August 16, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence arrested six Bahais in Shiraz and took them to Detention Facility 100. Those arrested are Pejman Shahryari (پژمان شهریاری) and his wife Dorna Esmaili (درنا اسماعیل), Houman Esmaili (هومن اسماعیلی) and Koroush Rouhani (کوروش روحانی), Negar Mithaqian (نگار میثاقیان) and her husband Mahbub Habibi (محبوب حبیبی). Negar Mithaqian and Dorna Esmaili were released a few hours later. Update: Houman Esmaili was also released on August 16, leaving three detainees in detention.

Dorna Esmaili is a Bahai student who was in the 7th semester of a degree in Graphic Design at the Eram non-profit private university in Shiraz when she was expelled in January, 2017. Negar Mithaqian was a student of computer engineering who was barredby the university during her enrollment, in 2009.

The other detainees have not previously been mentioned on Sen’s Daily.

Some reports have spoken of the arrests of 40 or more Bahais in Shiraz in recent days, but these reports have not been confirmed, and appear to be mistaken.

Older items can be found in the archive, here. Even older news is here.


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