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August 18, 2018

Appeal of 22 sealed businesses in Urmia rejected

HRANA via Iran Press Watch (Persian), August 17, 2018. –

The appeal of 22 Bahai-run businesses in Urmia (Urumiyyeh), which were closed down by the authorities one year ago, because they closed for business on Bahai Holy Days, has been rejected by the Supreme Administrative Court without a hearing. The court’s decision was announced on August 16.

There are nine days each year that Bahais take free from work (with logical exceptions). The law in Iran allows any business to shut for up to 15 days each year, without special permission from the authorities, but the Bahais are apparently being denied this normal right, as they are denied many other civil rights.

In the past year, the owners of these businesses have pursued numerous channels with various government bodies, but only the local government’s office of public places has responded, saying that they would not be allowed to reopen unless they signed a pledge not to close on the Bahai Holy Days.

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