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July 15, 2018

Bahai student expelled in Karaj

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Melliun Iran (citing HRANA), July 15, 2018. –

In May, 2018, Sogol Dhabihi Sissan (سوگل ذبیحی سیسان), a student of Graphics at Rasam University in Karaj, was expelled and denied certificates for the courses she has already passed, because of her Bahai beliefs. She was in the fourth semester of an undergraduate degree. She discovered that she had been expelled when the university’s site blocked her access, needed to obtain the entry card for term exams. When she followed up, she was referred to the national “Educational Appraisals Agency.” The Agency branch in Karaj refused to allow her to enter the building, but told her by telephone that she had no right to higher education because she was a Bahai, so she had been expelled. She was told to submit a request in writing, which she did. She returned to the office for further information four times over the following two months, without even obtaining a copy of her course results, and received no response to her letter.


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  1. To refuse any citizen the right of education,particularly the young ones indicates severe decline and self elimination of that government,by stopping the progress and scientific advancements available today. The time to keep people uneducated to rule and to govern is passed du to scientific achievements..

    Comment by Dr. sirus Homayun — July 16, 2018 @ 05:43 | Reply

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