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February 12, 2018

Elham Faramani released after 4 years in prison

Human Rights in Iran, February 12, 2018.

Mrs. Elham Faramani (الهام فراهانی) was released from Evin prison on February 11, at the end of a four-year sentence. Her son Shamim Na’imi ( شمیم نعیمی) was released in March 2017, at the end of a three-year sentence, while her husband `Adel Na`imi (عادل نعیمی), is still in Raja’i Shahr prison, serving a 10-year sentence for his Bahai beliefs. The charges against this family, as in the cases of other Bahais detained in Iran’s prisons, were “propaganda against the regime, membership in illegal groups, and assembly and collusion, in order to disturb national security.”

Mrs. Farahani was arrested by security agents on July 10, 2012, along with her husband. Their son Shamim was arrested a few days after his parents. After two months of interrogation in solitary confinement in Evin Prison, she was released on bail of 100 million tumans (equivalent then to 66,500 euros; 81,600 US dollars). She was sentenced to four years imprisonment by the notorious human rights abuser Judge Moqayesseh (قاضی مقیسه). She and her son began their sentences on May 11, 2014.

In December, 2015, Mrs. Farahani was allowed a 7 day prison furlough and was able to meet her husband and son in Rajai Shahr Prison. In December 2016, Mrs. Farahani was transferred to hospital and operated upon, after she lost her balance, fell and broke her right elbow. She suffers from severe arthritis in the arms and neck.

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