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December 31, 2017

Numerous Bahai businesses closed in East Azerbaijan Province, three allowed to reopen

HRANA, December 30 and December 27, 2017.

On December 25 and 26, two more Bahai-run businesses in Tabriz were closed down by the authorities, and many others were issued warnings of impending closure. These two businesses were run by Behnam Aqabala’i (بهنام آقابالایی), who sold household necessities, and `Ali-Reza Aqabala’i (علیرضا آقابالایی), who provided wire windings for electric motors. On December 28, three more Bahai business premises in Tabriz were sealed, bringing the total of recent closures in Tabriz to 18. These three businesses were a reading-glasses repair workshop run by Siamak Rouhani ( سیامک روحانى), an optician’s assembly shop run by Behnam Shukohi (بهمن شکوهى), and the unused business premises of Aziz Nourdel (زیز نوردل).

On the same day, three of the 18 recently closed businesses were allowed to reopen. They were the optical dispensary of Shahryar Khodapenah (شهریار خداپناه), and optical retail shop run by Nader Nourmuhammadi (نادر نور محمدى) and a women’s clothing shop run by Parham Sabari ( پرهام صابرى).

At present about 90 Bahai businesses in East Azerbaijan Province are sealed by the authorities, who have used arbitrary economic discrimination as a means of pressuring the Bahais to convert to Islam, especially during the term of President Rouhani. In addition to those mentioned above, these include (for those who can read Persian) the businesses of:

تورج میثاقی، کامبیز میثاقی (عینک فروشی)، شیوا عیسی خانی (آرایشگاه)، پیام ظفریاب (عینک فروشی)، محمد حکمران (فروش پلاسکو)، انیس حکمران (تعمیر عینک)، فرهاد نباتی (عینک فروشی)، عنایت ملایی (عکاسی)، بهنام شفیعی (فروش لوازم آرایشی)، نوید ایقانی (عینک فروشی)،و بهروز عیسی خانی (لوازم خانگی)

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