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June 27, 2017

Nine Bahais begin prison terms in Golestan Province

Iran Press Watch, June 16, 2017.

At least nine Bahai residents of Golestan Province have been detained by authorities to begin their prison sentences. An informed source, while confirming the news, told the HRANA reporter: “These citizens, who were sentenced to imprisonment with other Bahais in 2015, were arrested today either by agents visiting their residence or while presenting themselves at the prison.” The source was referring to twenty-four Baha’i residents of Gorgan, Gonbad-e Kavous, and Minoodasht, who had been sentenced in 2015 to a total of 193 years in prison by Golestan province Revolutionary Court in the preliminary phase. Individual sentences were reduced on appeal.

On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Mariyam Dehqan Yazdeli (مریم دهقان یزدلی), Mojdeh Zohori-Fahandezh (مژده ظهوری (فهندژ)), Farah Tebyanian-Sana’i (فرح تبیانیان (ثنائی) ) and Houshmand Dehqan Yazdeli (هوشمند دهقان یزدلی) were arrested in their homes and taken to prison to begin their sentences. On the same day three others, Sheida Qoddusi (شیدا قدوسی), Pouneh Sana’i-Taymori (پونه ثنائی( تیموری)) and Nazi Tahqiqi (نازی تحقیقی) presented themselves to authorities after being summoned by the office of the Ministry of Intelligence to begin their sentences. After these arrests, Parisa Shahidi ( پریسا شهیدی ) and Mitra Nouri ( میترا نوری ) turned themselves into prison. Other reports state that similar visits to the homes of several Bahais in the Province have taken place, and the number of detainees is likely to increase. Details of seven of the detainees’ verdicts follow:

Maryam Dehqan Yazdeli: One year and six months imprisonment
Mojdeh Zohori-Fahandezh: One year and nine months imprisonment
Sheida Qoddusi: Initial sentence 11 years imprisonment; sentencing information from appeal is unknown at this time.
Pouneh Sana’i-Taymori: One year and nine months imprisonment
Nazi Tahqiqi: One year and six months imprisonment
Parisa Shahidi-Kashani: One year and nine months imprisonment
Mitra Nouri: One year and six months imprisonment.

Farhad Fahandezh (husband of Mojdeh Zohori), Farahmand Sana’i (husband of Farah Tebyanian, brother of Pouneh Sana’i), and Kamal Kashani (husband of Parisa Shahidi) are serving their sentences in Rajai Shahr Prison. Parsia Shahidi and Kamal Kashani have a 14-year-old son, Farid, who now has both parents in prison.

Recently ten human rights organisations submitted a joint statement to the European Union, demanding immediate action to prevent further harassment of Bahai citizens, and abolition of their prison sentences issued by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This letter referred specifically to the recent challenges of the Baha’i residents of Golestan Province.

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