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June 18, 2017

Seven Bahai youth sentenced in Isfahan

Bahai News (Persian), reports on June 7 and June 8.

On June 1, sentences were announced for Parvin Nik-A’in(پروین نیک آیین), `Arsheya Rouhani (عرشیا روحانی) and Adib Janamian (ادیب جانمیان), who will serve 1 year in prison, followed by a 16-month sentence that is suspended for two years. Zarin Aqa-Baba’i (زرین آقابابایی), Vahid Karami (وحید کرمی) and Keyvan Nik-A’in (کیوان نیک آیین) were sentenced to six months in prison plus a 6-month sentence that is suspended for 2 years. The suspended sentences mean, in effect, two years of probation. They were tried in Isfahan on May 6 by Judge Ravanmehr (قاضی روانمهر). They were charged with propaganda against the regime (by teaching the Bahai Faith), to the benefit of groups opposed to the Islamic Republic, and with membership of Bahai organisations and undermining national security. The sentence mentioned the fact that the World Centre of the Bahai Faith is in Israel, and mentioned that the four were in possession of many Bahai books and CDs.

They are among 16 Bahais arrested in raids on Bahai homes conducted by the Ministry of Intelligence in Isfahan, Tehran and Mashhad on November 15, 2015. They are presently free on bail: the original amount of bail has been increased as further charges were laid, and the total amount for the first four is now 1.2 billion tumans (330,000 euros, $US 370,000) (although a previous report said it was 1.2 billion rials, one tenth of this figure).

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