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March 25, 2017

Navid Moallem arrested in Minudasht

Iran Press Watch, March 23, 2017.

Based on a Bahai News report, Navid Moallem (نوید معلم), a Bahai resident of Minudasht in Golestan Province, was arrested on March 13, in front of his place of business, and transferred to prison. [The date and day of the week in the Persian report are inconsistent. March 10 and 17 are also possible dates.]

Based on this report, Mr. Moallem and his wife, Kamelia Bidelian (کاملیا بیدلیان) [also reported as Bideli / بیدلی], had previously been sentenced to one year and six-months imprisonment as part of a case named “Bahais Arrested in Golestan Province.”

According to informed sources: “Navid Moallem was arrested by security agents outside his business. The security agents went to his home to arrest his wife, Mrs. Camelia Bidelian. However, Mrs. Bidelian has not been arrested, as she was not home.” This informed source said: “The agents mentioned that Navid Moallemi has been transferred to prison merely to answer some questions.”

Another informed source has conveyed that within the past few days, security agents also went to the home of one of the other Bahais who has been sentenced to imprisonment, but he has not been arrested, since he was not home. Based on this report, security agents in this province are eager to implement the prison terms of those Bahai citizens who had previously been sentenced by the court of appeals.

During the original court hearing, 22 Bahais of Golestan Province who were , arrested on October 17, 2012 were sentenced to a total of 193 years of imprisonment. Following their hearings at the court of appeals, it was announced that Farah Tebyanian (فرح تبيانيان), Puna Sana’i ( پونه ثنایی), Mona Amri Hesari (مونا امري حصاري), Behnam Hassani (بهنام حسني), Parisa Shahidi ( پریسا شهیدی ), Mojdeh Zouhori (مژده ظهوري), Parivash Shoja`i ( پریوش شجاعی ), Tina Mauhabati ( تینا موهبتی ) and Hana Aqiqiyan (هنا عقیقیان), all from Gorgan; Shohreh Samimi (شهره صمیمی) from Minudasht; Bita Hedayati (بيتا هدايتي), Vesaq Sana’i ()وثاق سنايي and Hana Kushkabaghi ( هنا کوشکباغی ) from Gonbad-e Qabus had their prison sentences reduced from 9 years to one year and nine months. According to this report, the one year and nine month prison sentence of Tina Mohebati (تینا موهبتی) was later overturned, and she was sentenced to pay a three million tuman (approx US$925) fine.

Rufeya Pakzadan ( روفیا پاکزادان), Soudabeh Mehdinezhad ( سودابه مهدی نژاد ), Mitra Nouri ( میترا نوری ), Shiva Rouhani ( شیوا روحانی ), Houshmand Dehqan (هوشمند دهقان), Mariyam Dehqan (مريم دهقان) and Nazi Tahqiqi (نازي تحقیقی), all from Gorgan, along with Kamelia Bideli (کاملیا بیدلی) and Navid Moalem (نوید معلم) from Minudasht, had their sentences reduced from 6 years to 18 months.

The review court did not anounce its decision on the cases of Shahnam Jadhbani ( شهنام جذبانی ) from Minudasht and Shayda Qodousi (شيدا قدوسي) from Gorgan, who were sentenced to 11 years in prison.

The Bahais were charged with collaborating with hostile governments, effective activities to promote the goals of a sect and of anti-Islamic and anti-Shiah hostile governments, and with making propaganda in favour of the Bahai Faith and against the regime of the Islamic Republic, by participating in the ‘Ruhi program’ (Bahai catechism) in Golestan Province. The sentencing by the court of appeals of Shahnam Jazbani (from Minudasht) and Shayda Ghoddousi (from Gorgan), who were each sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment, has yet not been communicated to them.

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