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January 9, 2017

Bahai murdered in Semnan, and his body burnt

Bahai News (Persian), January 9, 2017.

Ahmad Fana’ian ( احمد فناییان), an elderly Bahai farmer living in Semnan Province, was murdered on the night of January 7, and his body was burnt to such an extent that DNA tests were required to identify the victim. It is not clear whether there was a religious motive for the murder.

A Muslim friend who was in the are noticed that Mr. Fana’ian’s sheep were wandering, and that his car stood with the door open, and the key in the ignition, and found no trace of him. He called Mr. Fana’ian’s brother, who tried to contact him several times and then came with his son to the farm, where they found his burned body. Four farm workers (Afghan shepherds) are also missing, but there is no apparent motive for the murder. [The ‘Campaign‘ site suggests that the shepherds are suspects: it seems more likely to me that the murderers told the Afghani workers to make themselves scarce, before the murder. Robbery could hardly be a motive, since the murder took place not in the family home (in the city) but in a shelter on the grazing lands where there would be nothing much worth stealing, and because the sheep and car were not stolen. ~ Sen]

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