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September 12, 2016

Optometry shop closed in Isfahan

Bahai News (Persian), September 12, 2016.

On September 11, local authorities in Isfahan closed down an optometry business run by Aminullah Emani (امین الله ایمنی). He had earlier been visited by local officials who wanted to confirm that he was a Bahai. They left, but returned a little later to shut his business down. Bahai-run optometry shops across Iran have been closed by the authorities in recent years, in an apparent effort to exclude Bahais from working in this sector.

Under Iran’s apartheid policy, Bahais are banned from government jobs and numerous industries, but the list of sectors from which Bahais are banned is formally a secret, and the list changes from time to time. On May 19, 2015, Saham News published a copy of the previously secret list of sectors from which Bahais are banned (by that time the list was already five years old, and incomplete). The order refers to a widely-held Iranian superstition that Bahais are “unclean,” and requires the police bureaus to block them from restaurants, cafeterias and catering, food ingredients and foodstuff sales, takeaways (Iranian-style), cafes, butchers shops, supermarkets, the production and sale of ice-cream, fruit juice, soft drinks, pastry and sweets, and coffee. At some stage optometry was apparently added to the list, and Bahai optometry shops began to be closed by the authorities. In January this year, the Vice President of the Iranian Optometry Association announced that Bahais are still involved in manufacturing and importing glasses, and have an active presence in this industry. This has been followed by the closure of many more Bahai optometrist’s shops.

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