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August 30, 2016

Denial of pensions for Bahais in Iran

Aasoo (Persian), undated [August 2016]

The website Aasoo has published a document from the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security in Iran, dated 23 May 2011. The letter, written by the management of the national pension fund, responding to a petition from Mr. Nahid Mehrabkhani (ناهید مهراب‌خانی ) states that no pension can be paid out to him because, in February 1984 he was dismissed from employment by the Ministry of Education because of his Bahai beliefs. The denial of pensions for Bahais after the 1979 revolution was widespread, but documents of individual cases seldom surface. The document in this case implies the existence of a general rule that state pensions cannot be paid to Bahais.

In September 2013, Behzad Shokuhi ( بهزاد شکوهی ), then 75 years old, was beaten up and insulted at the Provincial Government Offices for Tehran province, where he had gone to seek payment of pension rights accumulated when he worked for the Ministry of Agriculture before the 1979 revolution. Like other Bahais in the civil service he was fired and banned from any further work for the government.
Gold News has published another ruling, in which Mr Mansour Baqa’i (منصور بقايي) is denied not only pension rights but also the health insurance coverage for himself and his family. Unfortunately the year given in the signature date is illegible, to me: it might be ’95’ (this year) or ’75.

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  1. He can partake of the most great Pension 🙂

    Comment by Tony Bristow-Stagg — September 1, 2016 @ 12:15 | Reply

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