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May 31, 2015

New arrests in Rasht aim to deepen the economic isolation of the Bahais

Bahai News (Persian), May 31, 2015.

Security forces in Rasht, a city on Iran’s Caspian coast, have arrested four Bahais and three other citizens who had associated with the Bahais. On May 26, they arrested Mr. Foad Yazdani (فواد یزدانی) and Mr. Peyman Yazdani (پیمان یزدانی), both Bahais from Rasht, on charges of conspiring to make propaganda against the regime and undermining national security. Two days later, they arrested Mr. Nima Najafi (نیما نجفی) and his wife Paria Keshvar (پریا کشاور) on the same charges. Three other Iranians, who are not Bahais, were arrested at the same time and charged with having links with Bahais. All seven were taken to the Ministry of Intelligence in Rasht.

On November 17, 2014, an agent of the Ministry of Intelligence, accompanied by two representatives of the Revolutionary Court, inspected the homes and businesses of four Bahai citizens in Rasht. They seized all the books, CDs, flash drives and any paper with handwriting on it, and also various appliances belonging to customers which were waiting for repair. The agents then went to those non-Bahai customers whose contact information had been recorded, and interrogated them.

Around the time of Naw Ruz (the New Year festival, from March 20), security forces searched the homes of these Bahais and seized some belongings, including computers, office supplies and the personal belongings of some employees. In the interim, the four Bahais had also been summoned for questioning by the police and Ministry of Intelligence several times, and had lodged several petitions with judicial officials for the return of their confiscated belongings.

In January and February this year, over 20 Muslim residents of Rasht were summoned and threatened by the Ministry of Intelligence because of their relationships with Bahais. Those summoned were subjected to insults, humiliation and threats, and told that they are not allowed to associate or have any business dealings with Bahais. The Ministry of Intelligence also sought to obtain baseless statements from these people regarding the activities of the Bahais.

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  1. What ministry of intelligets can demonstrate calling it self a Ministry, let alone of intelligents? WoW .This ministry has No intelligents,like stupid, and Dumb. It shameful Iran. Your country is in need of what you are trying to hide. Your a bully and God will spank your ignorance.

    Comment by Daniel — May 31, 2015 @ 21:58 | Reply

    • Daniel, that is harsh. The Ministry are told by their political masters to find evidence that the Bahais are a threat to national security, spies for Israel, and commit a host of sins and crimes such as incest. The Ministry has been diligent and systematic in trying to find this evidence, for over 30 year now: their failure to find any such evidence is not due to any lack of intelligence. They’ve been told to find something that is not there, and could not be there.

      Comment by Sen — May 31, 2015 @ 22:21 | Reply

  2. Yes my comments may be harsh but there is an element of truth The behavior of the Polital masters is Harsh to put it nicely. Political Masters? thats like minister of intelligents? No where is this injustice being allow but in Iran.It’s time for a war against injustice of all people expecially the Bahai’s. It’s a crime that the ministry should be put in their own jail. Who can stop ths madness?And to think we are talking about lifting sanctions and letting them get a nuclear bomb. Things that don’t make no sense. .

    Comment by Daniel — June 2, 2015 @ 17:27 | Reply

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