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May 27, 2015

Eleven Bahai businesses closed in Sari (update)

HRANA, May 27, 2015.

Local authorities in Sari have shut down eleven businesses run by Bahais because they had been closed on Bahai holy days. These include four clothing stores, run by Wahab Darabi (وهاب دارابی), Taraneh Zahedi (ترانه زاهدی), Sa`id Goli ( سعید گلی) and Aramesh Zahuri ( آرامش ظهوری); two electric motor winding shops, run by Farshad Kemali ( فرشاد کمالی) and Mehran Kemali (مهران کمالی); two toiletries and cleaning materials shops run by Ehsanullah Sana’i (احسان الله سنایی) and Ehsan Izadi ( احسان ایزدی), a paint shop run by Ziullah Khushbin (ضیاالله خوشبین), the wood turning workshop of Kemal Akbari (کمال اکبری), and a household container shop run by Pedaram Qanbari ( پدرام قنبری). The list is probably not complete: sources say that fifteen Bahai businesses have closed recently in Sari. Regulations allow local authorities to shut down any business that is closed, unannounced, for more than 15 days in a year. However there are less than 15 Holy Days in the Bahai calendar, and in any case the Bahai owners normally inform local authorities of upcoming Holy Days.

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