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September 10, 2014

Concerns for the health of Sa`id `Ebadi, detained in Shiraz

Hawkesbury Gazette, September 10, 2014.

A cousin living in Australia has expressed concerns for the health of Sa`id Ebadi ( سعید عابدی), one of four Bahais arrested in Shiraz on August 5. Mr. Ebadi’s cousin, Houshidar Etehad said that with no information available as to his whereabouts and status, the incident had caused his whole family major distress. Mr. Ebadi has a wife and child in Shiraz.

“The government soldiers ran in, destroyed the house and arrested him because they found out he was part of the Bahá’í association in Iran,” Mr Etehad said. “I worry a lot about his health because he is going blind in both eyes. He needs proper treatment or else he will never be able to see again. To make things even worse, his wife is dying from cancer and I’m a million miles away while the family that I love is falling apart.”

“My family took him in when we were children because both his parents had died. We were raised together and he is the closest person to me other than my immediate family. I feel like a part of me is missing now, and there’s not a minute that goes by where I don’t think about what he is going through at the moment.”

On September 1, Mr. Shahram Mansour ( شهرام منصور) and Mr. Farhad Sarafraz (فرهاد سرافراز) were detained in Shiraz, so at least six newly arrested Bahais are being held at present. On July 22 it was reported that fifteen Bahais in Shiraz had recently been sentenced to terms of up to three and a half years. The lawyer representing them, Guity Pourfazel, stated that she has decided to challenge these sentences in a court of appeals.

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