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February 5, 2014

Home invasion: 3 stabbed in Birjand

HRANA, February 5, 2014

In Birjand, a provincial capital close to Iran’s border with Afghanistan, a masked individual has entered the home of a Bahai family and brutally stabbed three of them. The attack occurred on February 3. Mr. Qodratullah Mu’adda (قدرت الله مودی) was stabbed in the abdomen and side, Mrs. Tubi Mu’adda (طوبی مودی) in the neck, close to the jugular vein, and ‘Azam Mu’adda (اعظم مودی) was stabbed in the chest. The assailant left the house without making any attempt to steal anything. Mr. and Mrs. Mu’adda are a middle-aged couple, living alone. Their daughter, who lives in Tehran, had arrived that morning on a visit.

Update, February 7: The Bahai World News Service states that the family name is pronounced Mavadi rather than Mu’adda (the two words are spelt in the same in Persian), and that all three are in intensive care in hospital. Mr. Mavadi is a leading figure in the Bahai community in Birjand, and the BWNS concludes that this was religiously-inspired hate crime. ““The sad fact is that there have been more than 50 physical assaults on Iranian Baha’is since 2005 – and none of the attackers has been prosecuted or otherwise brought to justice. And at least nine Baha’is have been murdered under suspicious circumstances in the same period, and the murderers have likewise enjoyed impunity.”

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  1. It is amazing how Muslim on Bahai crime is reported so fast and widely , there are more than 10 sites on this non fatal stabbing.
    However Bahai on Bahai crime is shunned. … The Catholic Church ran away from the priest child abuse issue for ages but it came back to haunt. How long will the Baha’is bury the Bahai on Bahai crime ?
    If they had time to post so many web sites on ie stabbing then they had time to address other issues.

    What a shame that they did not and don’t.
    Khashayar Vosough M. D. FACOG

    Comment by Khashayar Vosough — April 19, 2014 @ 20:03 | Reply

    • I cannot post the details of your account, as they are libelous and also inherently improbable. If you do have evidence of a crime, take it to the civil authorities. Bahai institutions are not governments, or courts, or police: criminal matters are not their concern, except that the Bahai institutions, like the Catholic church, are obliged to report to the civil authorities if they feel there is any likelihood of criminal activity.

      Comment by Sen — April 20, 2014 @ 01:53 | Reply

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