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November 30, 2013

Bahraini Bahais received at parliament

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ABN News, November 28, 2013

A Member of the Bahrain Parliament, Mr. Ahmad as-Sa`ati ( أحمد الساعاتي ) received a number of Bahraini Bahais who paid a courtesy call to the Parliament. In welcoming the delegation, Mr As-Sa`ati said that he appreciated contact with all elements within the country, which cherishes all its loyal citizens, of diverse religions and denominations. He said that throughout its history, and today, Bahrain has been a country that embraces the followers of different religions and ideologies, respects the virtues and special characteristics of all communities, and allows freedom of belief and worship. This has enriched and strengthened its civilization over the centuries. He said that Bahrain’s constitution does not discriminate between citizens on the basis of race, sex or religion and that citizens are equal in rights and duties.

The Bahai representatives said that they were proud to be citizens of Bahrain and said they did not suffer discrimination from their fellow-citizens and were free to practice their religion. They said they held meetings for worship, do good works, and spread love and fellowship and discourage vice. They expressed their willingness to participate in any project that would support national unity and promote love and peace between its citizens.

Bahrain is a Muslim country, in which Islamic law is one of the principle sources of legislation. The population (not counting migrant labour) is about 70% Shiah and 30% Sunni.

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  1. Boy , this is a change, to hear such positive input about Baha’is and their Faith. Prayers for Bahrain.

    Karin and Ian Ferguson

    Comment by Karin Ferguson — December 1, 2013 @ 00:24 | Reply

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