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October 17, 2013

Sentences confirmed for 5 Bahais in Mashhad, 5 acquitted, one fined

HRANA, October 16

In February 2012, a number of mainly young Bahais participated in a handcraft exhibition in Mashhad to raise funds for the disadvantaged. They were arrested and eventually charged with propaganda against the regime in the form of teaching the Bahai Faith, and membership of the Bahai community. The review court for Khorasan province has now confirmed the 6-month sentences handed down to five of the eleven. Their names are Negar Mulkzadeh ( نگار ملک زاده ), Houriyyeh Mohsani (حوریه محسنی), Negin Ahmadiyan ( نگین احمدیان ), Behnaz Hodadzadeh ( بهناز حداد‌زاده ) and Arman Mukhtari ( آرمان مختاری ). The last three of these were arrested at the handcraft exhibition itself, the others were arrested in the following days. Of the six other Bahais who were sentenced to six months in prison in this case, one has been fined 300,000 tumans (88 euros, 120 US$) and the other five acquitted. Their names are Fattaneh Hajipour( فتانه حاجی‌پور ), Navid Nabili ( نوید نبیلی ), Mr. Azatollah Ahmadiyan ( عزت الله احمدیان ), Shahzad Khalili ( شهزاد خلیلی ), Noghmeh Dhabiheyan-Esami ( نغمه ذبیحیان ) and Shayan Tafazzoli ( شایان تفضلی ). [Update: it was Mr. Tafazzoli who was fined 300,000 tumans ~ Sen]

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