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September 24, 2013

Mohammad Nourizad calls for mass rejection of the ‘unclean’ superstition

Iran Press Watch, September 23, 2013

On July 15, I reported the visit of Mohammad Nourizad to the home of the Rahimiyan family, where he ate fruit handed to him by a Bahai, and kissed the feet of a Bahai child. This was a demonstrative rejection of anti-Bahaism. According to the anti-Bahai ideology, Bahais are unclean, practice incest, and are agents of foreign powers. Mr. Nourizad’s photo album on facebook shows that he has continued to visit Bahais and seek reconciliation. Now Iran Press Watch has posted a translation of a call raised by Mr. Nourizad in a facebook posting on September 9. He roundly criticizes the senior Shiah clerics, known as “sources of imitation,” for propagating the idea that pagans, communists, Baha’is, and atheists are “unclean” and should be avoided. Then he calls Iranians to take mass non-violent action, through what Bahais will recognize as home visits:

As an individual or as a group go on visits to the homes of Baha’is and atheists, and associate with them in love and harmony. Bring them gifts as expressions of repentence and shame for having made them subjects of maltreatment and persecution. Eat food together with them. The next day after your visit, directly or indirectly distribute news about your visit through uncensored media and social networking tools. There is no solution except for the separation of our practices and principles from those misunderstandings of the Sources of Imitation. We should demonstrate that in our human and religious consciousness, all humans have been created clean, good, and noble, and an inclination towards any particular belief system can never make anyone dirty or unclean.

He calls for them to “eliminate the filth of [the idea of] untouchables from the face of humanity, from faith, from Islam and from Shia Islam. You can “like” this idea by visiting his facebook page.

The full text is available on Iran Press Watch

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