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September 23, 2013

Aged Bahai man beaten at provincial government offices

HRANA, September 22, 2013 + [Update Sept. 25]

Behzad Shokuhi ( بهزاد شکوهی ), who is 75 years old, worked for the Ministry of Argiculture before the 1979 revolution. Like other Bahais in the civil service he was fired and banned from any further work for the government. He has been preparing a petition to the Ministry of Agriculture [presumably in relation to his pension rights: the pension funds of Bahais who were dismissed were also confiscated], and in connection with that, he was summoned to the Provincial Government Offices for Tehran province. When he went there, he was beaten up and insulted.

Update Sept. 25
: Iran Press Watch has more details:

Behzad Shokuhi, a 75-year-old Baha’i old man, who had held the position of Deputy Minister of Agriculture before the revolutionary regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran gained power, like other Baha’i citizens who had government posts, was permanently dismissed (by the new regime), after a record of many years of service.

Thirty-four years following his dismissal from his post, with the inauguration of the new government [of Hassan Rouhani], Behzad Shokuhi had prepared a letter seeking justice, and submitted it to the authorities. Following this action, he was called to the Tehran Governor’s office in Abbas Abad and Mir Emad streets and was subjected to beating and injury.

Someone close to this Baha’i citizen told the Harana reporter: “Behzad Shokuhi was confronted with indecent curses, beating and injury at the Governor’s office and has been warned not to purse the matter any further.”

He continued: “All over his body there are bruises and signs of beating and injury. There was no point in encouraging him to go to the medical examiner’s office and launching a complaint, because apart from being warned about his pursuing the case, he has been looking after his wife who has been afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease for the past few years.”

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