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September 6, 2013

Updates on Bahai prisoners in Semnan

Zendani Bahai (facebook), September 3

“Zendani Bahai” has published a review of the past year’s events for the Bahai prisoners in Semnan, which includes some information not previously reported here.

Elham Ruzbehi (الهام روزبهی), a Bahai from Isfahan who began serving her 2 year sentence in Semnan prison, with her baby, on April 27, 2013, was later transferred to Isfahan prison.

The trial of Mrs. Golrokh Firuzeyan ( گلرخ فیروزیان ), who was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in Semnan on March 12, and released on bail on April 25, was held about August 21.

Shidrokh Firuzeyan ( شیدرخ فیروزیان ) who was arrested on February 12, 2013, was later freed on bail (not previously reported here), and her trial was also held about August 21.

Sho`eleh Nurani ( شعله نورانی ), a Semnan Bahai whose case has not previously been reported, is said to be living in exile. Internal exile from one’s home province is sometimes imposed in Iran, following a prison sentence.

`Erfan Ehsani ( عرفان احسانی ) from Sangsar in Semnan province, who began serving his one-year sentence on October 30, 2012, was later been freed on parole.

Mr. Nader Kaza’i ( نادر کسائی ), whose arrest and detention have not previously been reported, was freed in August.

The trial of Ardeshir Fena’eyan (اردشیر فناییان), who was arrested in Semnan on February 12, and released on bail on April 10, was held about August 21.

Mr. `Ali Ehsani (علی احسانی), who entered Semnan prison in September 2010, has apparently completed his term since he is reported to be living in exile. This was previously reported by the CHRR but not on Sen’s Daily. Mr. Ehsani was sentenced to two years in prison, two year’s exile in another city, and a fine of 5 million rials (about 333 euros).

There are presently eight Bahai men, three women and two babies in Semnan prison. It appears that the harsh restrictions on the Bahai prisoners have been somewhat alleviated, but their telephone contacts are still restricted, and they have no access to professional and technical training. Prison officials blame this on the the regulations of the Semnan organisation for professional and technical training [presumably, the organisation does not allow its teachers to have contact with “unclean” people ~Sen]. Also, prison furlough for aged and ill prisoners has been denied to some of the Bahais, and furlough which should have been granted under new prison regulations has been denied without reason.

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Older items can be found in the archive, here. Even older news is here.


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