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June 19, 2013

Kamran Rahimiyan and Foad Khanjani meet family in Evin prison

HRANA, June 18

Kamran Rahimiyan ( کامران رحیمیان ) and Fu’ad Khanjani (فواد خانجانی), two Bahai prisoners in Raja’i Shahr prison, near Tehran, have been allowed to meet family members who are imprisoned in Evin prison in Tehran. Kamran Rahimiyan and his wife
Faran Hesami ( فاران حسامی ) are both serving 4-year prison sentences for their work as teachers at the Bahai Open University (BIHE). On June 17 Mr. Rahimiyan was moved to Evin prison and was allowed to see his wife. It is six months since the couple last met. The couple have a son, Artin (آرتین), who is four years old, and has been badly affected by the imprisonment of his parents.

Fu’ad Khanjani, who was a student of industrial management in Isfahan until his expulsion, is also serving a 4-year sentence in Raja’i Shahr prison, while his sister Leava Khanjani ( لواء خانجانی ) is serving a 2-year sentence in Evin prison. Mr. Khanjani was transfered to Evin prison to meet his sister. They last met briefly in prison on December 4, 2012.

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However Farzad Madadzadeh (فرزاد مددزاده) and Muhammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi(محمد بنازاده امیرخیزی), two political prisoners held in Raja’i Shahr, who have a sisters in Evin prison, have not been permitted to meet them for some time.


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