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April 24, 2013

Bahai student expelled from Shiraz Technical University

PCED, April 23

Navid Keyhanirad ( نوید کیهانی راد ), a Bahai student doing an Master’s degree in software engineering at the Sharif Technical University of Shiraz, has been expelled because of his religion, although he was one of the top postgraduate students. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree at Shiraz TU in June 2012) [It would appear that the ban on Bahais entering higher education in Iran, is not always considered to apply to technical studies at a lower level ~Sen].

As he was the top student, he should have been able to gain a place at Sharif University (in Tehran). But officials prevented him sitting the entrance examination, so he continued his studies in Shiraz. He was able to enroll there without sitting the entrance examination because there is a quota for top students. In December 2012, at the end of the first term, the university security office summoned him and questioned him about his Bahai beliefs. They told him that he would be barred from the university, beginning on the following day. He was however treated with respect by the university’s guards, because the saw that in filling in the application form he had told the truth [That he was doing advanced studies, not lower-level technical studies]. He was not given copies of his qualifications.

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