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March 8, 2013

Four Bahai school children arrested in Semnan

Iran Daily Brief, March 7

In an unprecedented step, security agents in Semnan, with the approval of the Ministry of Education in Semnan, arrested four Baha’i students without the knowledge of their families. The agents went to two high schools in Semnan, Shahid Beheshti and Amir Kabir, and arrested four high school students in the middle of the school day: Sina Fenaeyan (سینا فناییان), Armin Allah Vardi (ارمین الله وردی), Ramin Amiri ( رامین امیری) and Yunes Khanjani (یونس خانجانی). The four were removed from school in the middle of a lesson, arrested and taken to Intelligence headquarters. They were held and interrogated for several hours and interrogated. They were asked to tell the interrogators whatever they knew about Ardeshir Fenaeyan (اردشیر فناییان), a Bahai who was arrested in Semnan on February 12. They were also encouraged with threats and promises to spy on the Bahais of Semnan. When the children did not return home from school, their parents went to the school and the school principal, after some evasion, told them what had happened. The children were released following their interrogation.

Persian source: HRANA

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  1. How low can this regime get?

    Comment by eric bowers — March 9, 2013 @ 23:01 | Reply

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