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March 7, 2013

Bahai shops closed in Bandar Torkman

HRANA, March 2

On February 25, at least nine shops in which Bahais were active, in the city of Bandar Torkaman (n Golestan province, on the Caspian coast) were closed by the authorities, citing “trading violations.” Papers referring to this were posted on the shop doors. The shops taxes and fees have been paid, yet inquiries to the authorities have been fruitless. The relevant authorities have not provided any specific reasons, and say they are not responsible for the closures. Most of the businesses are cloth retailers. Under Iran’s religious apartheid system, Bahais are banned from working in many economic sectors, such as education, government employment and foodstuffs, but Bahai shopkeepers have been active in this economic sector for more than 20 years, without this being considered a trading violation. In recent years, and especially in recent months, numerous Bahai businesses in cities such as Semnan, Shiraz and Hamadan have been closed by the local authorities.

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