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January 3, 2013

Two prison babies transferred to hospital in Semnan (updated)

HRANA, January 2

Rosam Nik-A’in ( سام تبیانیان ), a 12-month old child who is in prison in Semnan with his mother, Zahra Nik-A’in ( زهره نیک آئین ), was transferred to Emir al-Mumenin hospital on December 18, suffering from a severe ear infection and fever. Zahra Nik-A’in had repeatedly asked for prison furlough so that he could be treated, but this was denied, although she was taken to the hospital for two brief visits, under guard. Latest reports (January 2) are that she has now been given 5 days leave to be with Rosam in hospital. She is serving a 23-month sentence for propaganda against the regime, participating in the Bahai “19th-day feast”, participating in Ruhi classes and organising morality classes for Bahai children.

On December 26, Barman Ehsani ( بارمان احسانی ), a child of 6 months who is in prison in Semnan with his mother Taraneh Torabi ( ترانه ترابی ), was taken to the Fatemiyyeh hospital in Sangsar, suffering from a severe lung infection. His mother is serving a 30-month sentence for propaganda against the regime and participation in Bahai activities.

The women’s block at Semnan prison contains 70 prisoners, crowded into 50 square meters, and does not have enough beds for all prisoners. It is very cold in the winter (as now), which is dangerous for the 7 infants who are with their mothers in the room.

Update, January 8
: Zahra Nik-A’in and Rosam have been returned to prison, as their five-day furlough for hospital care has not been extended, although doctors had recommended that Rosam should have 20 days rest at home, away from the contaminations of the prison ward. A letter to this effect was sent to the Prosecutor’s office.

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