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December 5, 2012

Three Bahai detainees transferred from Sari to Mashhad

HRANA, December 5

On December 2, security forces arrested Behzad Dhabihi, Anvar Moslemi and Eshkan Zamani ( بهزاد ذبیحی، انور مسلمی و اشکان زمانی ) in Sari. After 48 hours in detention, they have been charged and their immediate transfer to Mashhad has been authorised. More details of the arrests have also emerged. On the morning of December 2, agents from the Ministry of Intelligence went to the workplace of Behzad Dhabihi, and then took him to his home, which they searched, before arresting him. On the same day they went to the home of Anvar Moslemi. As he was not at home, his wife refused to open the door to unknown people. The agents forced entry by climbing a wall, and searched the house while uttering blasphemies. Finally, at 5 p.m., they left a summons for Mr Moslemi. At about noon, agents went to the home of Mr. Zamani, and when he came home from work at 2 p.m., beat him up in front of his wife and two-year-old child, handcuffed him and arrested him.

The charge the three will face in Mashhad is “propaganda against the regime, in favour of the Bahai Faith.” The warrant for the searches and arrest did not bear the letterhead of the judicial authorities, and had the names of the three detainees added by hand. The court official whose name and seal was on the document has denied any knowledge of it.

Mr. Zamani suffers from a heart condition and has to take medicine every day. Although he took his medication with him when he was arrested, the officers would not allow him to have them for the first 24 hours of his detention. Mr. Dhabihi has a peptic ulcer, for which he was being treated, and Mr. Moslemi has a lung condition.

Behzad Dhabihi has been arrested twice previously, in March 2011 and April 2012, on charges of propaganda against the regime. On the first occasion he was held for 72 hours in Sari, and on the second occasion he was held for 15 days Tenakabon. He was acquitted of these charges. Anvar Moslami has also been arrested twice in the past on the same charge, in December 2008 and June 2009. One the first occasion he was sentenced to one year in prison, and on the second occasion he was acquitted.

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