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October 18, 2012

14 arrested in Gorgan, 4 in Minudasht, 2 more sought

PCED, October 17

In an update and correction of the previous report of the arrest of Shahnam Jadhbani ( شهنام جذبانی ) and his wife Shohreh Samimi ( شهره صمیمی ) in Minudasht, Golestan Province, and Navid Mu`allemi and his wife Kamelya Bidelyan ( نوید معلمی و کاملیا بیدلیان ) in the provincial capital, Gorgan, PCED reports that these four were in fact arrested in Minudasht, and adds the names of those arrested in simultaneous raids on Bahai homes in Gorgan. The arrests, by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence, were made without a judicial warrant. Bahai homes homes were searched, with the seizure of computers, books and family photo albums. The names of those arrested in Gorgan are given as Parivash Shoja`i, Bhenam Hassani, Nazi Tahqiqi, Houshmand Dehqan, Farhad Fahenadzh, Fahrnaz Tabayanian and his wife Fahrmand Sana’i, Shayda Qodousi, Shiva Rouhani, Mitra Nouri, Hana Aqiqiyan, Kamal Kashani, Puna Sana’i, Soudabeh Mehdinezhad and Mariyam Dehqan ( پریوش شجاعی(فنائیان)، بهنام حسنی، نازی تحقیقی(خلخی)، هوشمند دهقان، فرهاد فهندژ، فرحناز تبیانیان و همسرش فرهمند سنایی، شیدا قدوسی، شیوا روحانی(موهبتی)، میترا نوری(موهبتی)،هنا عقیقیان، کمال کاشانی، پونه سنایی، سودابه مهدی نژاد و مریم دهقان. ). Agents also raided the home of Rufiya Pakzadan and Maral Roushani ( روفیا پاکزادان و مارال روشنی ) and seized some of their personal effects, but did not arrest them as they were not home. There were also raids on other Bahai homes, including those of Siamak Sadri, Foad Fahandezh and Katarin Sana’i ( سیامک صدری،فواد فهندژ و کاترین سنایی ), in which some belongings were confiscated. In some of the raids, the agents’ behaviour was violent, with insults and beatings and even damage to the house. The reasons for the arrests, and the whereabouts of those arrested, are still unknown.

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