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August 8, 2012

Tragedy in Turkey

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Huffington Post, August 7

Tragedy has struck an Iranian Bahai family living as refugees in Kayseri, Turkey, ending in the avoidable death of their 10-year old daughter. Forouz and Haifa had travelled to Turkey 10 months ago, with their daughter Farnaz, hoping to obtain asylum in another country, and so ensure that Farnaz would be able to continue her education beyond the school level.

On July 30 around noon, Firouz arrived home and became outraged that his wife Haifa had not prepared lunch to his standards. She threatened to leave him, and Firouz then grabbed Farnaz and a kitchen knife and threatened to kill his daughter and wife. Haifa fled to the police station, in the hope that a police officer would accompany her home to save her daughter. Unable to understand Persian, the officers called in Ali, an Iranian translator. Haifa explained what had transpired, adding that her husband has a history of mental illness. Ali, addressing Haifa and the authorities, said: “If your husband was capable of killing your daughter he wouldn’t have issued a threat beforehand. You and your daughter are not in real danger. She’s lying about all this to get out of Turkey faster. In the past, we have had many other refugees act in the same manner.”

Then the authorities inquired about Haifa’s religion. When Ali heard she was a Baha’i, he convinced the authorities that her religion was artificial and not based on divinity. “She’s saying all this to get attention. Baha’is are all liars,” he added. Haifa spent at least three hours at the police station attempting to convince the authorities she was telling the truth. Around 6 p.m., Firouz murdered Farnaz, and attempted to kill himself. When the police finally arrived they found Firouz unconscious; he was taken to hospital.

Full story (contains some graphic details).

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Older items can be found in the archive, here. Even older news is here.


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