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July 11, 2012

Home searches and at least 7 arrests in Tehran

PCED, July 11

Last night and this morning, security forces raided Bahai homes in Tehran and arrested at least six Bahais. Those known to have been arrested are Nasim Ashrafi, Sarang Etehadi, Zhinous Rahimi, Shahab Dehqani, `Adel Na`imi and Elham Faramani (نسیم اشرفی، سارنگ اتحادی، ژینوس رحیمی، شهاب دهقانی، عادل نعیمی و الهام فراهانی ). The raids are said to have been accompanied by violence and beatings.

In a raid on the home of `Adel Na`imi, brother of Afif Na`imi (49), one of the seven Bahai ‘Yaran’ (national facilitators) who are now in the fourth year of 20-year sentences for their Baha’i beliefs, the security forces arrested him and his wife Elham Faramani, and a number of guests whose names are not available. They also seized personal possessions including a computer, and left a summons for Shamim Na`imi ( شمیم نعیمی ).

Nasim Ashrafi, Sarang Etehadi, Zhinous Rahimi and Shahab Dehqani were arrested during a raid on their home this morning. Sarang Etehadi’s workplace was also searched, without a warrant. The officers broke down the door to enter.

The charges against those arrested, and their whereabouts, are unknown.

Update, July 12: PCED confirms that Shamis Mohajer ( شمیس مهاجر ), the wife of Shahab Dehqani, has also been arrested.

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  1. Makes me feel so angry. How can the Muslim Iranian government do this to their own citizens when the Baha’is obey the laws of the country, accept the Quran as the word of God and the station of Muhammad, and believe in One God. Clear to me that they are better Musims than those who are in government.
    My anger will not solve anything. So that leave me with only option, to prayer.

    Comment by bobabrahamsR Abrahams — July 16, 2012 @ 08:26 | Reply

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